Friday, April 17, 2015

Samsung's redesigned Galaxy Tab hopes to get around injunction

Samsung's redesigned Galaxy Tab hopes to get around injunction
Samsung's change and insistence that it get around the ban marks the latest development in the ongoing legal saga between it and Apple. Apple won an injunction based on the claim that the Galaxy Tab shares too many similarities with its own iPad tablet, part of a legal battle fought in multiple courtrooms around the world. The ban was instituted in September, when a German court ruled that Samsung violated Apple's patents. That Samsung is already out with a new version of the Galaxy Tab speaks to its desire to stay in the growing tablet market. Patent analyst Florian Mueller said in the Foss Patents blog that the redesigned tablet looks like it was a result of cooperation from the product design team and the company's German lawyers. He added this "ups the ante" on Apple, which could decide to seek another injunction. Apple has aggressively pursued Android supporters, starting with a lawsuit against HTC, and expanding to others. It's almost become a mark of success as an Android vendor; show any success and Apple targets you. As a result, Google spent $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola Mobility to get a hold of its patents, and has provided HTC with additional patents for its defense. Apple's more litigious activity underscores a broader willingness in the tech industry to lob lawsuits against each other. While not a new practice, the activity has heated up in recent years.

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